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IDBI Capital Market Services Limited is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 at registration no. U65990MH1993GOI075578 with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra and has its registered office located at 3rd Floor, Mafatlal Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400 021.

IDBI Capital is a Financial Services Company providing various financial services to both retail and institutional clients. The services provided by IDBI Capital include Stock Broking-Institutional and Retail, Distribution of Financial Products, Merchant Banking, Corporate Advisory Services, Debt Arranging & Underwriting, Managing Client Assets-Pension/PF fund manager, Research Services.

IDBI Capital is a member of The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) on the Capital Market and Future & Options Segments and a member of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) on the Cash Market and Derivative Segments.  IDBI Capital is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), as Portfolio Manager, Merchant Banker and a Depository Participant of the National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL).

The Company functions under the overall guidance and governance of its Board of Directors. For List of Directors click here. The Board of Directors regulates the overall management of the Company. For day to day smooth functioning, have delegated their power to Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, who in turn delegates the same to various officials of the Company for smooth functioning of business. The Board has also formed various committees to oversee and monitor the functioning of various departments in Company.  Further as per power delegated to the MD & CEO by the Board of Directors, the MD is authorized to constitute various committees for monitoring & smooth functioning of the business. Some of the important committees are such as: Audit Committee, HR Committee, Risk Management Review Committee, Purchase Committee. Decisions are taken at various levels by authorized persons to whom such power is delegated and also through the committee approach.

IDBI Capital is managed by the team of well qualified and experienced professionals. The Organisation structure of IDBI Capital consists of various Business verticals viz. Investment Banking, Institutional Equities, Research, Retail Broking, Third Party Distribution etc. To view the organization structure please click here.

The Company has in place well defined rules and procedures for various business lines including policy documents, circulars etc. the Company also adheres to various regulations, laws and norms as used by the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the stock exchanges/ Depositories.

IDBI Capital follows the a/c opening norms as laid down by SEBI/ Depositories/ Exchanges. IDBI Capital maintains various documents such as member client agreement, KYC Details to open a demat & trading account and various other supporting documents related to it. It also maintains various other documents/ data related to its day to day activities as may be required by the regulations.